Let me show you my business model for building authority sitesRight here on the pages of this website, you are going to learn how to build an authority site (authority blog to be more specific).

Maybe you have tried building niche sites before?

Stop Making Bad Websites - Start Building Authority SitesThe first thing you need to do is to stop trying to make money by building crappy niche sites that nobody likes to land on.  Start building authority websites that make more money, that last pretty much forever and are more fun to work on.

By building authority sites (blogs), you are building real business assets that grow in value.  When built properly, these high value websites stand the test of time.  Because of their higher quality traits, these sites have much more potential to earn backlinks, maintain a high search engine ranking and earn more money.

It is fun to build one and very satisfying when you finish building it.  You are actually proud to show your authority sites to your friends because they are profitable, good looking, websites to be proud of.

Authority Sites Are The Answer

These kinds of websites make great sites that your target audience loves, which is part of the reason why you will succeed with one.  People willingly share your site with each other.  Search engines love this kind of website too.  They actually want to rank it high.

This authority site model for building blogs is different from how you think of traditional blogging.   This model is much better in my opinion.

This style of blog doesn’t require you to add fresh content to it every day or every week.  This website is more like a traditional website that just happens to look like a blog.  You will understand what I mean by that as I explain this more and more.

 Authority sites have great potential

How I Discovered Authority Sites And Their Potential

Let me share a short story with you…….

I started getting into internet marketing slowly back in 2006 on a part time basis.  The business model that I liked the most was the small niche site model where you build a niche site to target a couple keywords with SEO.  The goal was to build a small site that earned passive income.

I intended to learn how to make a profitable site that way and then scale it up till I had a whole bunch of these little money makers each bringing in a small percentage of my income.

With that original niche site business model you didn’t try to build a very useful website.  You just wanted to get traffic to your crappy site any way that you could and then get those people to click on advertisements or click an affiliate link.

Building a crappy site was actually to your advantage because it encouraged visitors to leave your site ASAP which meant more ad clicks.

Well, let me tell you, that business model sucked.  It wasn’t fun to build those kinds of sites at all.  Then getting traffic to them was like pulling teeth because you had to trick people into visiting your crappy site.  There is no way in hell anyone would be glad that they landed on a site like that.  The whole business model just made you feel dirty.  It sucked.

It was obvious that I wasn’t going to get rich with that business model.  But, at least it was bringing in some money.  So, I kept at it while I kept working my regular job.

Fast forward a few years…..

Because I had built so many niche websites over the course of a few years, I had developed quite a useful skill set for building them.  One day I decided to build a new website, not to make money with, but just to help me with something.  It had to do with my day job.

You see, I had this specific knowledge about a topic that my friends were always asking me about.   It would take me at least 15 minutes (sometimes much longer) to give a detailed explanation in order for somebody to really understand what I was trying to teach them.

So, I figured, why not build a website that explains this stuff in great detail.   Then I could just tell people (both friends and strangers) to go read that website before I explain anything in person.  That website would do most of the work in explaining what they needed to know.

So I went and built that website.   I had it up and running for a couple months.  Then just for giggles, I decided I would throw some Google Adsense ads on the site.  At least it would pay for my hosting costs and maybe a little extra.

That is when I had an exceptionally pleasant surprise.  This website earned more money than any other Adsense website I had built before.  Actually, it blew away any of my other sites.   Within six months, this site was earning close to $1,000 per month.

I felt like a gold miner who discovered gold

Seriously, that is what it felt like…….

The next thing I did was start to analyze what happened with that site and why.  That is when I realized that my previous business model, of building those crappy little niche sites, was a bad business model.  Instead of building crappy sites like those, I should be building these “authority style websites” instead.

The thing that made that authority website a success was that it had legitimately useful information on it that was kind of hard to find elsewhere online.  And people really trusted my advice.  So, when someone found it, they would tell their friends about it.  The site earned thousands of natural shares in social media.  It was being linked to naturally from other websites within its niche.  It was a great feeling to build something that you could really be proud of.

The crazy thing about it is that building this authority site was actually easier than building one of those crappy little niche websites that I had been building.  Can you believe that?  It was actually easier.

Rest assured, if you have the skills to build one of those old-school niche websites or even just basic blogging skills, then you have the skills you need to build a modern authority site or authority blog.  You just need a good business model to follow.

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