Convincing Arguments For Why You Should Be Building Authority Sites To Make Money

a businessman holding a folderWe are both entrepreneurs.   I know this because you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t an entrepreneur.  You want to build a business for yourself because you know it will be fun and because you want the money that comes along with it.  You have got this entrepreneurial juice in your blood and there is no turning back for you.  You are never getting rid of that desire to build something great of your own.  Business is in your blood.  It is going to be with you for the rest of your life.

You are always on the lookout, trying to figure out the best methods to use for building a successful business for yourself.  You are trying to learn from other people who are doing something similar to what you want to do.   I don’t know what method you are using to make money online right now or if you have even gotten started yet.  I just want to make a strong case for why you should build authority sites because in my own entrepreneurial experience, it has made all the difference.

You want a business that has strong demand for it.  Don’t you?  That is one of the great things about building these authority sites.  People who are searching online really want to find these kinds of websites.  They want the information you can give them.   The demand is there and it is very strong.  There is demand all over the place.   If you look within your own set of skills and personal life experiences, there is more than one good opportunity for you to capitalize on within those areas.  You just need to identify that opportunity and start giving people what you already know they really want.

Maybe you are relatively new to the field of trying to make money online?


A Convincing Argument For People Who Are New To Making Money Online or New To Internet Marketing

a businesswoman standing with arms crossedIf you are new to making money online or internet marketing in general then you are about to go through a long period of time where you are going to struggle with what you are learning.   You are going to procrastinate instead of taking action.  You are going to be doing a lot of reading instead of taking action.   You will be using this learning period as an excuse for why you aren’t taking action.  You know that this is absolutely true because this is what you are doing right now.

Once you get started on building an authority site, the questions begin to clear up and the procrastination begins to dissipate.  The next step in your business model becomes crystal clear and it almost forces you to act on it.   The steps become very small, very simple and actually become fun to do.  That makes it easy for you to execute.  You get things done quickly, methodically and you get them done well.  That is when you start making money.

What if you already have some experience building a website that you wanted to make money with?   Maybe you suffered a setback when Google released its Penguin algorithm update?


A Convincing Argument For People Who Had Sites Annihilated By Google Penguin

face of an angry manIf you are still trying to build those old school niche style websites, then there is about a 90% chance that you are failing with them.   Chances are you are experiencing what every niche blogger experiences with those sites.  You are seeing your sites under-perform, wither and die.   Heck, the only reason you were having success with them in the first place was because you were slamming the sites with anchor text links from places you knew might someday get you into trouble.

When Penguin came out, you got slammed.   So did everyone else following that business model; or at least 90% of them.   Some of my old niche sites that weren’t authority sites got slammed too.  That is the way things are going.

You can sense the way that the trend is going with sites and with Google rankings.  It doesn’t matter if you agree with Google’s policies or not.   You can hate them all you want and it isn’t going to change how much money you make.

Over the years, one thing has always remained the same.  You have to adapt to the new trends or else get out of this business.   If you are not willing to go with the trend or get in front of the trend, then it is only a matter of time before your business is destroyed.  That is the nature of online business.  It demands constant evolution.

Right now it is increasingly apparent that Google is favoring authority sites.   If you want to get rankings in Google, then you are either going to have to bring your “A-game” as an SEO manipulator, or else start building the kinds of sites that Google says it is trying to reward, which are authority sites.

Of course you also have the alternative of diversifying away from Google traffic altogether.   I strongly recommend that you focus on getting referral traffic from wherever you can.  The thing is that if you are going to focus on getting that referral traffic, a lot of the things you have to do in order to get that traffic are the same things you have to do to get good rankings now.  They go hand in hand.   Once you realize that, I think you will realize that you should be focusing on both sources of traffic instead of just one or the other.

Rankings with authority sites are easier than you think they are.   That much I can promise you.  You still want to use good on-page SEO.  You are still going to need some great links if you are going to compete in hard niches, but you won’t need as many.   You can actually get the general public to do some of that work for you.

Heck, even if you don’t try to get your site ranked well for your keyword, you are bound to get semi-decent rankings anyway just because of the other ranking factors that come into play besides high PageRank dofollow hyperlinks.


Are You Afraid That Building An Authority Site Is Going To Be Too Hard?

stick figure struggling to do somethingMaybe you think that building authority sites takes too much work?   It doesn’t take anywhere near as much as you think it does.    The main difference between building a crappy site or an authority site is simply where you place your focus.   With an authority site, you are focused on delivering what the market wants.  That is all.  Give it what it wants to the best of your ability.  If you get even remotely close to doing that, then the site is going to be successful.   You can improve it over time and make it better.

That is one thing that you might be overlooking.  Your authority site does not have to be perfect.  It does not have to be the best site in its niche.   Heck, my sites aren’t    But, I try to improve them continuously.   I know that over time, those sites are going to creep up according to how well I am targeting my audience.  That is all that really matters.   Give your target audience what they want and deliver it to them in a way that they like.   Does that make sense?


Long Term Earning Potential and Sustainability Are The Most Attractive Factors In Authority Sites

Silver Dollar Sign SymbolThe thing about authority sites is that you are building a sustainable business.  Your business will be able to survive future Google updates and even bigger changes across the internet because you are honestly ahead of the trend.  You are building the kind of useful websites that Google and every other search engine has said that they really want to rank high.

You should get sustainable traffic from every decent search engine and from every other source online where your target prospects hang out.  It doesn’t matter where your target audience is hanging out online or what websites they are using.  Your site will get traffic from all of those places because you have built an incredibly useful site that those people will tell each other about.  Maybe you have even created a brand.